Fighting Addiction Stigma

Addiction stigma has real-world consequences, often turning a challenging disease into a feeling of hopelessness beyond repair. We’re trying to change that, because we know there’s always hope for repairing a life damaged by addiction.

How can Recovering(me) help?

We have launched Recovering(me) to remove barriers like the fear of being stigmatized and provide a safe space for those suffering to take that first step towards recovery.

Education, Clarity, and Relapse Prevention

Through Recovering(me) we are equipping people with tools and resources to learn about their addiction and the steps they can take toward recovery. They can find answers to questions like:

  • How do I know if I have an addiction?
  • How can I help a family member with an addiction?
  • Will I always be addicted to this drug?
  • How do I minimize my chances of relapsing?

And a lot more.

Social—without the Stigma

Recovering(me) is not just a resource for learning about addiction and recovery. It’s also a social network for all kinds of people who are working toward a better life of freedom from addiction. Recovery is better together—and sharing experiences can help defuse stress and anxiety as well as delivering support and resources.

Our platform is not just for people who want to learn what addiction is and how to start their recovery—it’s also a place where people who have long been in recovery can come to share their experiences, participate in the community, and help newcomers find their way.

On top of that, people who are struggling with addiction or in recovery can find other social networks to be potential sources of triggers and other relapse factors. The online community being built on the Recovering(me) platform represents a way to feel the rewards of online social activity in a safer space, with people who are more aware of triggers and other sensitivities.

Let today be your first day fighting the stigma of addiction by joining our growing community. Whatever kind of device you have, we’ve got you covered. Download Recovering(me) on your Apple mobile device or Android mobile device, or register in your desktop/laptop computer browser and begin stocking your recovery toolbox!

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