How Government Control Fueled the Opioid Crisis

We’re excited to release the very first episode of our new Recovering(me) Podcast!

We’ve been longing for a place to discuss tough topics, learn from leaders in the addiction field, and keep the battle against addiction at the forefront of the conversation. This is that space and we are excited to invite you to join us for this discussion.

The Recovering(me) podcast by Stepworks is fueled by our desire to always keep topics of substance use disorder and addiction at the forefront of our conversations. Unless we continue to be a mouthpiece for new initiatives in treatment and behavioral healthcare and build a strong awareness of what substance use disorder truly is, we will never make strides in fighting the stigma of addiction. For us, this podcast is a way to keep the conversation going, to learn from trusted leaders, and to work with the recovery community to support those battling this horrible disease.

—Stepworks Marketing Director Emily Fox

What can you expect to hear?

  • Discussions with some of Kentucky’s leaders in addiction treatment
  • Honest conversations about why addiction continues to claim the lives of people in our state and how we can change that
  • Updates on advances in treatment and resources for those struggling with substance use disorders

We hope you enjoy this first episode in which Dr. Tom Ingram, CEO of Stepworks Recovery Centers, considers how government control possibly helped fuel the opioid epidemic. Be sure to join the conversation on our YouTube channel—we would love to hear your thoughts!

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