Recovering(me) and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Recovering(me) is the perfect companion to MAT services, offering clinics a cognitive-behavioral therapy tool delivered through standardized educational courses.

Recovering(me) gives clinics the ability to assign recovery course lessons outside of clinic hours, allowing you more one-on-one time with each client.

Clients will derive more benefits from their medication treatment and behavioral counseling by accessing online education modules from home, using a mobile device or computer. Users can enroll in online courses in addiction education, relapse prevention, life skill-building, and more.

Not only will clients learn more about addiction and recovery, they can also connect with online social support through the Recovering(me) platform. All users have access to the platform’s discussion forum, where people can connect through their shared recovery journeys and offer and receive group support.

"Recovering(me) helps me stay engaged with my patients even when they aren't in my office. Recovering(me) gives patients quality information about their disease and how to heal from it. It allows me to follow their progress and work with them in a more comprehensive way as they move from active drug use through the stages of recovery and into sobriety."

Joyce Johnson, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C | Clinical Director of Outpatient Services

No Cost to Providers, Endless Benefits to Clients

MAT Clinics who incorporate Recovering(me) into their practice can structure their session work around the topics and progression of the platform’s educational lessons. Or they might prefer to offer Recovering(me) as an optional tool to complement the therapeutic work they do with their clients.