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Recovering(me) is an online platform and mobile app of recovery. Built for individuals impacted by addiction and their family members, Recovering(me) is a recovery tool that combines addiction education, community, and support. 

Recovering(me) is currently available through two subscription tiers: Recovering(me) Basic for Free and Recovering(me) Plus for $29.99/ month.

Recovering(me) Basic gives you access to all the core features of the platform, including the Dashboard, Recovery Courses, Online Support Groups, and Community Forum. The Recovering(me) Plus subscription gives you everything in the Basic subscription, with the addition of a dedicated Recovery Coach.

Recovery Coaches are individuals who have been trained to support persons in recovery and family members who have persons in recovery. This support includes providing additional addiction education materials, helping the subscriber complete their Recovering(me) Plan, and serving as a liaison who may be able to provide guidance to seeking community and other professional resources available in the client’s area. They walk with you through your Recovery Courses so that you can make the most out of your recovery journey!

Recovering(me) is not a healthcare provider and does not offer medical or addiction treatment services.

An important aspect of traditional addiction treatment is the establishment of a  provider-patient relationship. In other words, a licensed medical provider is taking charge of a patient’s care. As Recovering(me) does not currently offer medical,  counseling, or other state or federally licensed service, Recovering(me) is not a treatment service.

Recovering(me) is a powerful tool for those in recovery. It is meant to provide education and community to anyone impacted by addiction. This includes those who think they might have an addiction, those in active addiction, family members of someone with an addiction. In addition, Recovering(me) is a great tool for those receiving outside treatment services through a residential program, MAT program, or counseling services.

Addiction is a complicated disease and often requires medical treatment, detox, and psychotherapy. While some high functioning individuals with mild addictions may do well with a recovery platform alone, everyone has the best chance of recovery if they combine Recovering(me) with traditional counseling, community support groups, and if necessary, medically managed detox. Please talk to your doctor about which options are best for you.

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